Creating Technology Talent to Unlock Technology Talent Demand

Adaire Academy reskills and unlocks the next wave of African technologists by partnering with European Universities and Corporates

Our Partners


Adaire Academy deploys the next wave of African technologists, enabling them to contribute to the global technology talent pool and the success of the technology market. Our vision is to unlock 1 million highly-talented African software developers and technologists.

Adaire Academy first identifies the specific technology skills that are in high demand in the global market. Then Adaire Academy reskills and upskills early and mid-career talent with in-demand technology skills using recognized qualifications, projects and internships, providing a pathway to a long-term fullfilling technology career. 

Adaire Academy launches in 2023.


Adaire Academy acts with the support of its corporate & funding partners so that African adults can join the ranks of global technology professionals in the knowledge economy.

We use innovative Income Share Agreements to provide education financing, so that our participants are fully funded as they start their reskilling journey, and once complete, we seek to provide stable jobs via our Ethical Technology Outsourcing business.


Either Certificate (3 month) or Diploma (9 month) part-time programs are available, during which learning support (mentoring, counseling, child-care) is provided, and which will result in European University-accredited certificates.

All programs involve project work and include the possibility of an internship.

Data Science

Solve data problems with Data Science/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence skills and knowledge

Cyber Security

Draft, strategize, develop, deploy and manage cyber risk and legal and compliance issues


Learn everything needed to work in Scala, distributed computing and data processing


Adaire Academy is due to launch in May 2024. Contact us if you are interested in partnering with us, assisting us with funding, or if you are interested in becoming a participant