Introducing the Software Outsourcing Option That You “didn’t know existed, but glad you found”!

When seeking software outsourcing services, locations such as India, Eastern Europe and a few others immediately come to mind.

However, given the explosion of digitization work,  the challenge to quickly find reliable software talent who can deliver and easily integrate into existing teams is set to only become more difficult. 

The “war for talent” is real!

Thus, as companies struggle with issues of recruiting speed, longevity, distant timezones, cultural & team fit, it is fortunate that there is a new option – one that sometimes, doesn’t naturally come to mind: Namibia.

Fortunately, in the last few decades, the technical level, connectedness and infrastructure available across Africa has developed to be equal to any other region in the world – all that remains is introducing these capabilities to a market hungry for talent.

Naturally questions come up – from things as simple timezone (Namibia is on the same time zone as Europe), to languages spoken (both German and English are common-place) – our approach at Adaire is to share with you the exciting potential of working with software professionals in Namibia to complement growing teams and quickly delivering on projects that have been shelved because of the lack of stable talent that are loyal to your efforts and fit your style of working

One company, Smartest Learning, a Swiss education technology company, was delighted with their recent experience working with developers in Namibia.

Steve Hinske, Co Founder and CEO says:

“The technical skills and customer responsiveness was very good…overall, yes, I would definitely try another project! I am not surprised that Namibia overall as a society and economy is doing very well.”

Learn more about Adaire, and our Ethical Outsourcing service here.

About Smartest:

Smartest Learning is an EdTech startup established in 2019 and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. At Smartest, we believe learning should have no limits other than interest. We use machine learning to automatically create personalized exercises and provide intuitive and customizable tools to enable self-determined, explorative, and playful learning. For more information visit Smarttest’s website

About Adaire:
Adaire Technology Services is a software and technology services company established in 2022, operating between Switerland, Germany and Namibia. We believe that neither technology nor talent have borders and seek to efficiently link the two making it easy to build remote technology teams with the skills of 1m talented African developers and technologists. For more information, visit Adaire’s website.

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