About us

Adaire is a Swiss/German/Namibian software development and technology outsourcing company with the goal to help companies increase the quality, speed and scale of their software development work by taking advantage of Africa’s world-class top engineering talent. Companies are able to accelerate their work by using us to quickly resolve resource gaps or obtain new skills.

Simultaneously, Adaire is a ethical and inclusive social impact business, using Technology to address non-Technology real-world problems.

Our Development Center in Namibia

Our technology center in Windhoek, Namibia’s capital, is our technical heart – using this location to encourage technical excellence amongst all our staff members. Namibia brings:

  • Amongst the most stable countries in Africa (politically, infrastructure, economic)
  • Matching EU timezone
  • Great language skills in German and English
  • 2 landed undersea internet fiber cables. Large terrestrial fiber network
  • Direct flights from Germany. Indirect flights via Dubai, Johannesburg and Addis Ababa
  • Wide range of hotel options: 5 star to modest
  • Excellent talent and connections to EU universities


We are aggressively growing our team, looking for people who align to our mission and our story. If you are in Technology Sales, Project Management in Switzerland or Germany or a developer/Technical Architect interested in relocating to Windhoek, drop us a line.


Kudah and Andreas are 2 Xooglers, with over 50 years in the technical space, committed to technology innovation and social impact. #ethicaloutsourcing #Tech4Good

Kudah Mushambi

Andreas Henning

What does ADaire mean?

The name “Adaire” is inspired by a phrase in Namibia, “Ada i re”, meaning “Let’s Go”!